How to Use Gear VR

How to Use Gear VR

Gear VR is the latest virtual reality model to hit the streets and there is a big demand for it right now. You cannot blame people as to why they want to use the latest virtual reality tools as it’s so new and very unique. There is something truly unbelievable about virtual reality and having the headset ready to use is fantastic. Anyone can learn to use their new Gear VR and the following are just a few steps you may want to use. click here for further details.

You Will Have To Download Oculus Application

If you want to use the new Gear VR you will require an app called Oculus. Now, this can immediately cause some concern as it might put you off using but it’s easy to install the app. So firstly, you must ensure the phone is switched on and connected to the web. You will also need to up your volume level so that you can hear any notifications. Connect the headset of the virtual reality model with to phone and once you do, you should hear a notification from the phone. This is when you can remove the headset from the phone.

How to Install the Software?

Next, you are going to be able to install the application onto your phone. Once the phone and headset have been disconnected, there should be a welcome screen appear. This will be the Gear VR welcome page. Follow the prompts on the screen until the software has been installed. It shouldn’t take too long, only a few minutes at best. However, be aware your phone may need updating so the Android version you have may need updating. Again, this only takes a few minutes and is easy to do so. You will also have to reconnect the phone and headset to complete setup. for more details, visit :

How to Use Gear VR

What to Do Next?

Once you have gone through the download and installation stage, you should now put your virtual reality headset on. When you do this, there should be a blank screen in front of you; (there may also be a loading icon) and soon there will be the health and safety screen. You can make the necessary adjustments if you have trouble viewing the information. Also, if any image or the contents aren’t loaded correctly you should remove the Gear VR headset and reconnect. You will also have to create an Oculus account which shouldn’t be too difficult; it takes a few minutes at best.

Enjoy Your Gear VR

Once you have the Oculus app installed and have created your account, using the virtual reality headset is pretty simple. You can download apps such as games and run them whenever or wherever you like and there is a lot of fun to be had. The hardest part of learning how to use the headset really is the installation part and the rest comes very easy and naturally! However, you do need to take care of your headset and ensure you don’t damage it in any way so that it runs as it should. Using the Gear VR should be a lot of fun so enjoy using it.